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Saturday, March 5, 2011

yuhuu missDiary..
it has been a while i'm not update u right..
don't hurt ok because i don't give a damn on it..owhoo..
ok2..btw what should i write about you hah dis time..
actually i do have a lot of "thingy" to share to but it's kinda hard to vomit out here la..
haiyaa..wut happen!..
now i am be more specific at melaka as i'm currently studying at Uitm DiHAtiku..wallah~

kinda busy with all those books need to "kick out"...kinda dizzy with all killer exam..aww~ i don't even have much time with my friends either!!..that is wut we call "pengorbanan".. i feel that i'm not ready to face the truth and i'm too young to live the life with my own feet..but what ever is this, this is my life begin!!!...whether i'm ready or not, i have to start it!!..yes IFA! you have to start..all i do because of  YOU Hjh Sarifah n Hj and only parents i have!..

(p/s alamak alamak EMO sudee)

owh i am 22 years old already..deserved for me to talk about LOVE..
where is the love..*lets sing~
personally..if i do in love..i'm not putting my 100% into it because whatever is dis my studies is my priority..
i do love you but i love my book more~
understand me, support me!!..all i need from YOU..

hah itu bilee i bercakap tentang study..ape lagi nak sentuh ek..:)

owh ya..thankful to Allah for sending me such a goodfriends araound as i feel so so lucky to be with them..
missDiary o missDiary..i would like to introduce to you to such a charming heart friends that are always with me all thiss while..

Izzaty = Die neh macam mak2 sikit..kuar malam nak g beli makanan pon ta bulih dah bising lerr..tpi kan3..hati die manyak baikk..mcm hati i neh..kui3

Rossa@Shila= ini king of sewel..sewel2 die neh salu wat i tersenyyom bile bace meseg die tahuu..wekk..:P

Qila= mukew peerhh ganas..badan tough giler...ter'admire i taww..lalala~..tpi sweet bilew die takut tengk citer hantuu..alamakkk

Abby= Ini kakak i kat shah alam..die tegas..garang tahuu..huhu..tpi kan2..die sporting..nyanyi kat dalam bilik mesti nak gelek cap lempong..hahaha!

Aziira= hah dis gurl neh kan always with me..24/7 la ngn die kalu kat fac..salu ajar i stdy..YOU ARE THE BEST! kalu ngn die tak sah kalu tak gelak..tengok jew baik tpi suke kenekan owng..yang jdi mangse i laaaaaaa!!..dear, i will never forget about your panggilan hangat!!..u r so mean!!

Ayu= budak yang palingg ayuu hah ni la diee..hehe..salu jew kenekan die..tak gurau tak mesra taw ayuu..muahhx!

Pika= seorng yang sangat serius..tpi kan3..kalu gelak merah mukeww..die la yang paling terok skali kalu ketawe..sweett la u pikachu!! tak tak..pika!

peeps!!..i love you all..<3

p/s hah macam banyak lew pulop entry kali neh..aisehman..
dah2..dengor lew bilew Ifa berceloteh ekk..

I wanna get my bath..take care n wash your hair ok!!..