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Saturday, October 30, 2010

hey ol!! ""beCRAZYnROMANTIC""

i just stalk someone's wall n album which is not my fb's friend yet n so lucky n i should thanks to him coz he dont put his fb as private n confidential..lalalaala..(u bukn taw pon kan)

every single thing i read from the info untill the album...walahh..(since when neh so kepoci)

he has a couple n sweet giler both of them..they are couple but yet the way the gul comment n boy comment tu seem they dont pretend to eachother...he used o call hi gf sayang n the gurl cal him baby..then there is a picture about the gul posing like gedik one..n i read oll the picture's comment n i laughing..u now wut i said they dont pretend to each other coz in dat picture he tried to give some itchy tricky word to his gf..he call her gemok..ala2 usikan manje gitu~

gemok n gemok n gemok..kept on calling his gf gemok 4 almost oll the pictures..until da gul get mad and call his bf babi...b stands 4 babi...hahaha..(but i know she dont really means that)..Iusikan manje in teenagers open hearted)...
but somtimes mcm tu best gak kan..we can freely say wut we want to partner..ONLY to The partner!..not to the public..coz from there everything we do seems like open n nothing to hiding at him/her...
my experience before rase macam too nerd je.hehee..

"awk dah mkn ke belom" "awak sehat ke tak"..evryday macam tu musti ta best kan...burink..

cube sekali sekalA..."oit, ko da makan lom sayang" "aku da mkn la baby"..hahhh..len dri yang len...nak bergaul pon senang kan..i dont like too SKEMA!..coz that is not open to each other kan best!


I just hate it!

please la bro..dah due kali ko buat aku camtu..
ko ingt ta benggang pulak men2 atau gurau2 cmtu..
i'm piss off ok
when u did't that u make me hate u more n more...
don't play with my feeling
as far as i respect u please respect me


"never say i love u,if u don't really care..
never talk about feelings,if they aren't really there..
never touch a life,if u mean to break a heart..
never say u're going 2,if u don't plan to start..
never say hello,if u really mean good-bye"