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Saturday, October 30, 2010

hey ol!! ""beCRAZYnROMANTIC""

i just stalk someone's wall n album which is not my fb's friend yet n so lucky n i should thanks to him coz he dont put his fb as private n confidential..lalalaala..(u bukn taw pon kan)

every single thing i read from the info untill the album...walahh..(since when neh so kepoci)

he has a couple n sweet giler both of them..they are couple but yet the way the gul comment n boy comment tu seem they dont pretend to eachother...he used o call hi gf sayang n the gurl cal him baby..then there is a picture about the gul posing like gedik one..n i read oll the picture's comment n i laughing..u now wut i said they dont pretend to each other coz in dat picture he tried to give some itchy tricky word to his gf..he call her gemok..ala2 usikan manje gitu~

gemok n gemok n gemok..kept on calling his gf gemok 4 almost oll the pictures..until da gul get mad and call his bf babi...b stands 4 babi...hahaha..(but i know she dont really means that)..Iusikan manje in teenagers open hearted)...
but somtimes mcm tu best gak kan..we can freely say wut we want to partner..ONLY to The partner!..not to the public..coz from there everything we do seems like open n nothing to hiding at him/her...
my experience before rase macam too nerd je.hehee..

"awk dah mkn ke belom" "awak sehat ke tak"..evryday macam tu musti ta best kan...burink..

cube sekali sekalA..."oit, ko da makan lom sayang" "aku da mkn la baby"..hahhh..len dri yang len...nak bergaul pon senang kan..i dont like too SKEMA!..coz that is not open to each other kan best!


I just hate it!

please la bro..dah due kali ko buat aku camtu..
ko ingt ta benggang pulak men2 atau gurau2 cmtu..
i'm piss off ok
when u did't that u make me hate u more n more...
don't play with my feeling
as far as i respect u please respect me


"never say i love u,if u don't really care..
never talk about feelings,if they aren't really there..
never touch a life,if u mean to break a heart..
never say u're going 2,if u don't plan to start..
never say hello,if u really mean good-bye"

Thursday, October 28, 2010

jetiNelayan photoshoot

learning and keep on learning how to manage the camera..
and yesterday i went to the crystal bay with my niece and my sister..
they are very cool to accompany me and we had treated by cooling sea wind
in the evening and yet for me this is an opportunity to haunt so many pictures as i can..yeasss!!


Sunday, October 24, 2010


memandangkan die telah lantikku sebagai photographer pada hari pertunangan beliau
ini lah one of the hasil yang telah kuburu
selebehnye tak leyh upload..banyak sangat

p/s perlu dikomen dan dikritik

Saturday, October 23, 2010


u noe wut hari neh ade wat photoshoot kat zilaBakery..
berkesempatan menjenguk dapur die yang voke sangat exciting..
mane taknye tak penh-penah masuk dapur orng kan aspecially berkesempatan dapat
ngok beliaw wat muffin choclate..
arrghh..choclate mencair dan sangat sedap apabila masuk ke dalam mulut
so kne la kan promote sbb beliaw telah menjemputku untuk wat photoshoot di kitchen beliaw +excited

p/s inilah muffin choclate yang sangat sedap sehingga terangkat. first time rase nak lagi. wat malu je..huhuhu

yang terperanjatnya sebiji muffin neh hanya 50 sen sebiji jika tempahan melebihi 5o biji kalu tidak melebihi harganya 80 sen... aduh..nasib bek la aku tak jd tokey bakery neh kalu tak aku rase cam 50 sen murah sangat kot..kasi up lagi

muffin choclate memang sangat laris
sesuai untuk party2 keramaian
birthday party
pyjamas party
kenduri kesyukuran
dijadikan goddies dalam majlis pertunangan dan perkahwinan
hidangan minum petang 
dan sebagainya

p/s btw aku promote neh bukn disuruh ke or kene promote ke..hehe
no lah, secare sukarela je sbb mlm neh tbe2 nak mum ag la muffin choclate beliaw
aw....shangat shedapp..sheriusss~

kalu tbe2 korunk bace bnde neh kan and terlintas nak order, u can through me pon no problem.
saya sedia berkhidmat..ahakx

Friday, October 22, 2010

thank you~

hye missDiary
today i would like to tell you last night before i sleept, 
someone gave to me a song
nice melody n sweet..
i loike it..the song is, flying without wings from westlife
kinda evergreen song but it has been long time never heard this song
so listened to the song back..
for almost ten times

p/s thank you so much yeeee

Thursday, October 21, 2010


indeed I have a long leisure time today as malaccian got one an emergency day off..

wut the heaven life if everyday is holiday..yeay!
nothing much to do but yet lucky to have missDiary around..hehe
she accompany me the whole day without mumble or grumble any words
if she did so, i'll delet my blog's accaunt..but i can't..i love my missDiary so much okeyh!

today i am editing my picca..well.. new edited picca coming up!!

 what do you think?..i'm talent enough?
 answer me answer me answer me

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If I die Tomorrow

since yesterday i am not in the mood..

two days is like a 2 month i felt
i felt sorrow n touching
really bad feeling
the whole day with the tears were not split out..
screaming very loud inside but yet no one could hear it..
just only one know..n i know that YOU know my Mighty GOD.. all maybe know what happen in 10.10.10??
is about 15 people murdered unacceptable on road..
than i look into myself... wondering..what will happen if I die tomorrow it is too sad to talk about??
how sad it is, i have to say!
coz i don't know my time..the time that can change everything..
the one thing that i'm scared is how my family face the fate without me around as always..
i know they will cry for me...and i really really really hope they can accept with 101% of heart

  • MOTHER don't forget to give all my t-shirt, baju kurung, jeans to our relative. EMPTY my cupboard n refill with something new. you can use all the space. make sure nothing left inside, fade everything that can make u remember about me because i know it HURT. Everyday please recite for me AL-FATIHAH. pray for my wellness life there. Please forgive me mother. i will always love you more you can imagine
  • FATHER now you can use the car. keep the car well cause there is a lot of memorable thing happen inside the car as i am the loyalt driver. plus, thanks for the zakat u have paid every year since i was born until now. please HALALKAN everything u gave to me, food, expenses,jewellary,everyday money,every week money n every month money. Please forgive me ABAH
  • KAK ILA everything you do for me i never forget, even a little tiny thing is always remain in my heart. thanks to all the support in spite of u gave me money,make up stuff, uncountable cloth, bring me holiday n visit so many wonderful place. i am really really appreciate that. please take care our parents sooo soo well..give them love. take care them as u care ur self
  • KAK IJA don't forget to recite al-quran everyday. atleast "10 ayat" . when u recite them please don't forget me. Big of thanks for the money you had bank in into my account every month while i'm studying. always bring me to the pizzaHUt. chicken mushroom porridge is always my favourite, well u know that. everytime you go there, u can order the same porridge as u can remember me always.
  • Abg Din nothing much i can say, don't skip solat, WORK HARDER
  • KAK CT take care your kids ur and beloved husband, don't skip SOLAT, always ask help from 'HIM' up there. and pay the astro bil in everymonth! it is compulsory for you to back home everyweek. help MOTHER do chores  
  • ABG AUS please work hard, help our PARENTS, support them give money to them, serious in your work, DON'T SKIP SOLAT
  • ABG ANUAR nothing much i can say here, be cool, n always to remind you too DON'T SKIP SOLAT, there's nothing can help you except "HIM".

  • NURAIN BT ABD KARIM.. you are my you are kind hearted..always soft stronge in any test. HE always want to give him test to u dear, so that you are always be strong n patient. whatever happen on you, there must be reason..sometime it's hurt, but without you realise it, it just a beginner for u to get something precious which you never expected, something wonderful that u never emagine in your life...please don't forget me ain..
  • MOHD AJLA..thanks for always there for are such good guys..find ur lover..then let me know in your prayers...always focus in everything you do including your studies..find money and don't be lazy one..huhuhu..don't forget to recite me al-fatihah when u are performing your prayers.. lastly i would like to put u as someone that i trust, can you plase block all my myspace,facebook,twitter account.. u can get my ID in my facebook information at email address n my password from ain.. she knows. THANK YOU SO MUCH YE DEAR fren AJ!
  • ANIS NADIA AZMAN AZHARE..thanks for be my sweetheart bff..sometime people might get confius me and you coz there plenty of people said that we are twin..sometime when we go to anywhere people will always ask, is she your twin at you n me..remember?..SURE WE ARE TWIN DEAR! are such the funniest person and coolest person i have..but yet i know you a such the sensitive one. well i know how to settle it. just sing you, your favorite gajah song which i composed my own then u will sweet i am right..that's sweet about you dear "soul mate" take care and wash you hair. ~ILYDMEFF~ 
when the time comes, people may never say much strength they put on to avoid it..they still can't afford to stop that. Allah said "when I will and it's happen". he has his right to take me my sweetest people..

Monday, October 18, 2010

Photoshoot and Photoedit is my passion~

u noe wut??
i got JOB!
yeay..sukew sukew..pusing pusingkn dri smpai fening..
well people..for those who always catch me on Facebook or even a myspace maybe they all known that i am photo addicted...where ever i go, i'll bring along my camera..except in toilet la kan..
that's why, there must be a new photo of me in my album..
so yesterday someone call me and he wanted me to edit his pleasure..sure sure
accept the offer wif heart fully of joys...
hehe..well this hobby definately can make money..but my problem here..i don't know how much i should put the price..hahaha..the job not start yet but i think about the money..($_$)..see so mate duitann..aww..i loike

p/s tengk muke i agak2 ade cm profesional tak..ehem2..ahakx

ini adalah hasil-hasil titik peluh iFa Islam..awww~
model = Anis Nadia Azman Azhare
location= Chekas Island Raub Pahang
*die cute giler kan kan kan :P*


p/s hari raya photoshoot
Model = iFa Shadida Ramli
Location= Taman Rekreasi Perkampungan Buku

Saturday, October 16, 2010

owh Allah

owh my mighty GOD
on 1 December 2010 will be my big day as an official holder Of Diploma Applied Science certificate at UiTm Shah Alam..

can't wait for the moment..hoping the day will be one of the unforgettable day in my life..
at least i got something to show towards my kids..huhuhu
hopes the day all my family will come to celebrate it at Uitm Shah Alam
a lot of photo is certainly have to snap.. at least every moment i move..kikikiki
in spite of having a great n pleasure time with family
all my friends will gather together..
long time no see la guys..windu!!
but i hope the day will be end as happy as i wish

i don't wanna see you
i don't wanna face you
i don't want sit next to you
please don't spoil my day
because i know that you will....aargghh
ain said "buat bodo je ifa"

I don't wanna sit next to you..Allah help me..make me blind from seeing "you"
Allah please make the day is my day as anything would never spoil it
Please Allah grand my wish..

Friday, October 15, 2010

Miley Cyrus is my GF

to night is the most boring night i ever had..i don't know why..
well let's much work in the day..n less sleep..dat's why i felt like a gloom..lazy to kicking around as i'm always cinema is..
going back from work place i just drop by at "pasar malam" as my friends ask me to go wif her..
bought laksa, n saw another stall i'm also bought laksa..i wish i could find another stall so dat i can buy my third laksa..hahah..but lucky i didn't found can save my money doncha..kinda wasted...hahaha
n now it's already 12:56 a.m, yet the laksa's bowl is still beside my lappy unwashed!!..
so how much lazy i am..owh dear!..i wish it can wash it's self..
hahaha..laughing ngader2..

having 100% in focusing facebook only..messing up on chatting wif some of the people..
including aj..dyaoffera..shah..n bla bla..they are my famous chatting buddies that always be wif me if i am in facebook..but kinda boring stuff..lazy to read all them out..all the status n comment is unexciting reply as always..huhuu..but one thing dat i never boring when i watch all the miley cyrus video..listen all her song..there's only three word i'M gonna say to her dat I' LOVE YOU..yop..i'm always love u..emmuaaahx!
u such a crazy gal!..u doing miley n mandy show is always make me laugh u noe gal..and maybe it's will make u feel touch is..i remember all your song!!!!..swear!..
everywhere i go..i know pretty well ur voice if they are playing ur song at mall, MC, hOSPITAL owh everywhere!..

plus..even i feeling kinda unactive+tired..suddenly i feel happy when one guy said to me "i loike all ur picture, swear..n the most wonderfull picture is when u are acting as a lovely mother pampered ur son""
aw...don't you feel sweet too???....thank youuuu...smiling ngader2..blowing up around~

i love doing a photoshoot and hobby!!..well it can make money doncha..will think about it..emm
ok..b4 i go..i got dis fancy idea from miley..she said..take care n wash ur loike..
ok people..take care n washed your hair~


Sunday, October 3, 2010


akhirnye atas permintaan ramai peminat2 yg nak tengk pic kami sekeluarga walaupon tyme tuh ade famly mmners yg bz, tetp dilksankn jua sesi photoshoot lar kami tyme tuu..bnyak pic yg lom sempt kte upload dlm lappy neh..nnti dah upload akn disiarkn kpd anda tok tontonn umm..hahaha..
tema memg pink ala2 maroon kami semua..warne tuh lah first kami mengayakn pda pgi photoshootnye pasal..pakai ah skali n amik pic smpi lebam.yeay!

p/s pic kakikuIfa

then after photoshoot. kteorng pgi menonton film Magika
4 star 4 dis animasi hebat tayangan KRU group.
diana Danielle memg best+shantek, i loike...

p/s depan pawagam Melaka Mall

lepas movie2 kteorng pon g mkn..lapoo..
chicken Mcnugget one set please!!
(Fav nie meal..kalu nak pikat i, bwk mum kat sni n dont ask me nak mkn ap tpi order kn ini saja..hahaha)