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Friday, October 15, 2010

Miley Cyrus is my GF

to night is the most boring night i ever had..i don't know why..
well let's much work in the day..n less sleep..dat's why i felt like a gloom..lazy to kicking around as i'm always cinema is..
going back from work place i just drop by at "pasar malam" as my friends ask me to go wif her..
bought laksa, n saw another stall i'm also bought laksa..i wish i could find another stall so dat i can buy my third laksa..hahah..but lucky i didn't found can save my money doncha..kinda wasted...hahaha
n now it's already 12:56 a.m, yet the laksa's bowl is still beside my lappy unwashed!!..
so how much lazy i am..owh dear!..i wish it can wash it's self..
hahaha..laughing ngader2..

having 100% in focusing facebook only..messing up on chatting wif some of the people..
including aj..dyaoffera..shah..n bla bla..they are my famous chatting buddies that always be wif me if i am in facebook..but kinda boring stuff..lazy to read all them out..all the status n comment is unexciting reply as always..huhuu..but one thing dat i never boring when i watch all the miley cyrus video..listen all her song..there's only three word i'M gonna say to her dat I' LOVE YOU..yop..i'm always love u..emmuaaahx!
u such a crazy gal!..u doing miley n mandy show is always make me laugh u noe gal..and maybe it's will make u feel touch is..i remember all your song!!!!..swear!..
everywhere i go..i know pretty well ur voice if they are playing ur song at mall, MC, hOSPITAL owh everywhere!..

plus..even i feeling kinda unactive+tired..suddenly i feel happy when one guy said to me "i loike all ur picture, swear..n the most wonderfull picture is when u are acting as a lovely mother pampered ur son""
aw...don't you feel sweet too???....thank youuuu...smiling ngader2..blowing up around~

i love doing a photoshoot and hobby!!..well it can make money doncha..will think about it..emm
ok..b4 i go..i got dis fancy idea from miley..she said..take care n wash ur loike..
ok people..take care n washed your hair~