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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Story of Mine Episode 10 (LOVE)

Aku masih mengejar cinta...

di manakah cinta ku itu..

kenapa setiap kali aku ingin mendapatkanya ada je halangn..

best sgt kew bercinta sampai aku nk merasakanya..

orng kate seronok bercinta..

aku mengharap keseronokan itu..

tp aku takot..

aku takut akn kelalaian..

ya Allah berikanlah aku keredaan mu..

ketemukanlah dengan cinta ku dan berkatilah ia..

jgn kau sekali kali biarkan aku hanyut ya allah..

di kala aku mendapatkanya..

berilah kenikmatanya..

agar aku dpt merasakanya dalam kerahmatanmu..

CINTA will be mine..

hope to be never last..
will guide by Allah..

will he be mine..??

mohammad hafizuddin bin mahad

The Story of Mine Episode 9 (Jawab Soalan)

1)beside ur lips,where is the favourite spot to get kissed?

2)how did u feel when you woked up this morning?
still sleepy even da tengahari..

3)who was the last person/people you took photo wif?

4)would u consider urself spoiled?
yop espacially by my mum

5)have u ever had a bestfrend from ur opposite sex?
penah mase kecik2..

6)do you want someone to be dead?

7)wut does ur last text message say?
gudnyte..i miss u..

8)what r u thinking right now?
i s he will be mine..

9)do you want someone to be wif u rite now?
damn hope so..

10)wut was the time u went to bed last nyte?
4 am

11)wut did u buy the tee dat u r wearing now?
ngh pakai tee free la..

12)is someone on your mind right now?
yop..b n hafiz..

13)who was the last person who text u?

14)ten lucky person dat u rthinking right now?











15)who was no 2. having relationship wif?
not sure...da break kot..

16)is no 3 is a male or female

17)if no 1 and 3 get together?.. would it be good?
ok gak..kawan ku kawan mu jua..

18)wut is no 1 stdying about?
Dip sains

19)when was the last time u chatted wif them?
sumew ta same hafiz n Aj ari2 lar..yg len jarang..

20)is no.4 single?
katenyew bf die orng Kl..

21)say something about no.2
she is my BFF but da macm my boy...syg sgt kt diew n she just my special sweetheart..

22)wut do you think no 3 & no.5 being together?
no way....hafiz is mine..

23)describe no.9
nice+talkative n sometime quite clumsy..

24)wut will u do if no.6 n no.7 fight?
korng...bising r!

25)do u loike no.8?
i loike..die bek..freinds only ma..

26)how about no.10?
my networking partner...diew bru jew break ngn gurl diew...

27)do u hv a scandal..

yes i do..

28)if u have an option among them..who will u bring wherever u go..

my bf lar..

29)who u love the most?

ofcoz la my mum..

30)do you think, u need a partner?

gile kew ap soklan nie..mesti lar..next2..

31)where is your favourite country to be ur honeymoon place

australia..then leyh wat baby byk2...hahaha

32)continue this statement..i hope..

i hope i can get wut ever i want..i hope i can be my mum's proud..i hope i will be a doctor...i hope fatin will be my BFF untill the heaven..i hope i will marry soon..i hope i in luf wif him (tempat kosong)..i hope the successfull in everything i done will be mine..i hope i will never skip solat..i hope God be bless me on his world because i am slut..