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Saturday, October 16, 2010

owh Allah

owh my mighty GOD
on 1 December 2010 will be my big day as an official holder Of Diploma Applied Science certificate at UiTm Shah Alam..

can't wait for the moment..hoping the day will be one of the unforgettable day in my life..
at least i got something to show towards my kids..huhuhu
hopes the day all my family will come to celebrate it at Uitm Shah Alam
a lot of photo is certainly have to snap.. at least every moment i move..kikikiki
in spite of having a great n pleasure time with family
all my friends will gather together..
long time no see la guys..windu!!
but i hope the day will be end as happy as i wish

i don't wanna see you
i don't wanna face you
i don't want sit next to you
please don't spoil my day
because i know that you will....aargghh
ain said "buat bodo je ifa"

I don't wanna sit next to you..Allah help me..make me blind from seeing "you"
Allah please make the day is my day as anything would never spoil it
Please Allah grand my wish..