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Monday, October 18, 2010

Photoshoot and Photoedit is my passion~

u noe wut??
i got JOB!
yeay..sukew sukew..pusing pusingkn dri smpai fening..
well people..for those who always catch me on Facebook or even a myspace maybe they all known that i am photo addicted...where ever i go, i'll bring along my camera..except in toilet la kan..
that's why, there must be a new photo of me in my album..
so yesterday someone call me and he wanted me to edit his pleasure..sure sure
accept the offer wif heart fully of joys...
hehe..well this hobby definately can make money..but my problem here..i don't know how much i should put the price..hahaha..the job not start yet but i think about the money..($_$)..see so mate duitann..aww..i loike

p/s tengk muke i agak2 ade cm profesional tak..ehem2..ahakx

ini adalah hasil-hasil titik peluh iFa Islam..awww~
model = Anis Nadia Azman Azhare
location= Chekas Island Raub Pahang
*die cute giler kan kan kan :P*


p/s hari raya photoshoot
Model = iFa Shadida Ramli
Location= Taman Rekreasi Perkampungan Buku