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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If I die Tomorrow

since yesterday i am not in the mood..

two days is like a 2 month i felt
i felt sorrow n touching
really bad feeling
the whole day with the tears were not split out..
screaming very loud inside but yet no one could hear it..
just only one know..n i know that YOU know my Mighty GOD.. all maybe know what happen in 10.10.10??
is about 15 people murdered unacceptable on road..
than i look into myself... wondering..what will happen if I die tomorrow it is too sad to talk about??
how sad it is, i have to say!
coz i don't know my time..the time that can change everything..
the one thing that i'm scared is how my family face the fate without me around as always..
i know they will cry for me...and i really really really hope they can accept with 101% of heart

  • MOTHER don't forget to give all my t-shirt, baju kurung, jeans to our relative. EMPTY my cupboard n refill with something new. you can use all the space. make sure nothing left inside, fade everything that can make u remember about me because i know it HURT. Everyday please recite for me AL-FATIHAH. pray for my wellness life there. Please forgive me mother. i will always love you more you can imagine
  • FATHER now you can use the car. keep the car well cause there is a lot of memorable thing happen inside the car as i am the loyalt driver. plus, thanks for the zakat u have paid every year since i was born until now. please HALALKAN everything u gave to me, food, expenses,jewellary,everyday money,every week money n every month money. Please forgive me ABAH
  • KAK ILA everything you do for me i never forget, even a little tiny thing is always remain in my heart. thanks to all the support in spite of u gave me money,make up stuff, uncountable cloth, bring me holiday n visit so many wonderful place. i am really really appreciate that. please take care our parents sooo soo well..give them love. take care them as u care ur self
  • KAK IJA don't forget to recite al-quran everyday. atleast "10 ayat" . when u recite them please don't forget me. Big of thanks for the money you had bank in into my account every month while i'm studying. always bring me to the pizzaHUt. chicken mushroom porridge is always my favourite, well u know that. everytime you go there, u can order the same porridge as u can remember me always.
  • Abg Din nothing much i can say, don't skip solat, WORK HARDER
  • KAK CT take care your kids ur and beloved husband, don't skip SOLAT, always ask help from 'HIM' up there. and pay the astro bil in everymonth! it is compulsory for you to back home everyweek. help MOTHER do chores  
  • ABG AUS please work hard, help our PARENTS, support them give money to them, serious in your work, DON'T SKIP SOLAT
  • ABG ANUAR nothing much i can say here, be cool, n always to remind you too DON'T SKIP SOLAT, there's nothing can help you except "HIM".

  • NURAIN BT ABD KARIM.. you are my you are kind hearted..always soft stronge in any test. HE always want to give him test to u dear, so that you are always be strong n patient. whatever happen on you, there must be reason..sometime it's hurt, but without you realise it, it just a beginner for u to get something precious which you never expected, something wonderful that u never emagine in your life...please don't forget me ain..
  • MOHD AJLA..thanks for always there for are such good guys..find ur lover..then let me know in your prayers...always focus in everything you do including your studies..find money and don't be lazy one..huhuhu..don't forget to recite me al-fatihah when u are performing your prayers.. lastly i would like to put u as someone that i trust, can you plase block all my myspace,facebook,twitter account.. u can get my ID in my facebook information at email address n my password from ain.. she knows. THANK YOU SO MUCH YE DEAR fren AJ!
  • ANIS NADIA AZMAN AZHARE..thanks for be my sweetheart bff..sometime people might get confius me and you coz there plenty of people said that we are twin..sometime when we go to anywhere people will always ask, is she your twin at you n me..remember?..SURE WE ARE TWIN DEAR! are such the funniest person and coolest person i have..but yet i know you a such the sensitive one. well i know how to settle it. just sing you, your favorite gajah song which i composed my own then u will sweet i am right..that's sweet about you dear "soul mate" take care and wash you hair. ~ILYDMEFF~ 
when the time comes, people may never say much strength they put on to avoid it..they still can't afford to stop that. Allah said "when I will and it's happen". he has his right to take me my sweetest people..